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PC based computers and laptops - No MACs

Paul A. Kucherka - Owner

Serving Fredericksburg and surrounding areas

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Repairing PC Computers and Laptops is our specialty 

20 years experience building, diagnosing and repairing computers

CompTIA A+ IT Technician Certified March 2009

CompTIA N+ Network Certified April 2009

Dell Certified DCSE Client DMS SoftSkills May 2010


FREE diagnostics for hardware issues (except in-home)

Free virus detection

Free consultation of potential upgrades to enhance performance

Prices are flat rate/ by the job /for much less than the major competition


ALL service performed in shop for your convenience*

Virus removal without data loss if possible*

Data backup / Data recovery service*

Computer maintenance service*


*While "house calls" are still performed by most competitors, most computers brought into their stores are shipped out for even the simplest of hardware repairs. I strive to keep the "turn around time" short, however, if the repair in question requires repair from a 3rd party, you will be told up front.

*Most computers can have viruses removed without losing information. However, some of the more dangerous viruses will require a back up of your data and a reformat of the computer to restore it to proper working order. After this process is completed, all programs will have to be reinstalled.

*Data recovery from a failing hard drive is a "shot in the dark" at best.

If data recovery is required, I will make every attempt to successfully recover your data. However, if the hard drive is  corrupt and the data cannot be recovered, there will be no charge for the attempt.

*I recommend having desktops and laptops cleaned at least once a year to ensure the computer cooling system is working properly. Dust build up can damage a computer.